International Marconi Day

The International Marconi Day Award from The Cornish Radio Amateur Club

The Cornish Radio Amateur Club offers two special Award Certificates for working authorised International Marconi Day  Award Stations: one is for  Transmitting Stations and the other for Short Wave Listeners.  The Award Classes and  required standards to be achieved are summarised in the following page.
Please refer to the Period of Operation section on this page for details of the event organisation.

A list of the qualifying Marconi stations is given at the Award Stations page.

Award Claims

Your Award claim should state the Award Category claimed, and must be made in writing giving a FULL extract of your log together with your callsign and address (often forgotten !).   The log extract may be a certified copy of the original log or a certified computer print out.  Ideally, another amateur should certify that your log extract represents a true copy of the original log entries:   if no other amateur is available, an adult signatory will be accepted.   Please address your claim to:

Ken  G0FIC – IMD Awards Manager,   Cornish Amateur Radio Club

38 Tresithney Road. Carharrack. Redruth. TR16 5QZ

The cost of the Award is the same for all Classes, which is as follows: (revised cost for 2015 – will also apply to applications for previous years with effect from Jan 1st 2015)

$15.00 US,(notes, no cheques) ,  €10(notes, no cheques)  ,  £8.00 Sterling

If a UK station claiming the award please make cheques payable to “Cornish Radio Amateur Club”

Only Sterling (UK £) cheques can be accepted please, cheques in US$ or Euro, including Euro Cheques cost us more to negotiate at the Bank than we are charging for the award and once post and packing are considered we make a loss !

Please note the following:

  • Only one HF/500 KHz radio contact with each IMD Special Event Station (Participating Station) will count towards the Award.
  • The Award is NOT cumulative, ie contacts made in previous or subsequent years with an IMD station WILL NOT   count towards the Award.   The required number of Award Stations must be worked during the SAME 24 hour period.


Please Note : International Reply Coupons (IRCs) are no longer exchanged at the UK Post Office and therefore the IRC option to pay for an award has been removed.

With the current cost of exchanging currency, the re-enforced envelopes, large envelope postage and International Postal Costs it has been necessary to increase the award cost for the first time in many years. It was actually costing us money for each award claimed in 2014 and we cannot subsidise in this way. The award certificate remains at the same high standard being colour printed on parchment paper and it is well worth the small additional charge to have it for your shack wall.


Period of Operation on 25th April 2015

0000 UTC  to 2359 UTC

Qualifying Bands :

All bands from 160 Metres to 10 Metres plus 500 KHz

(Note:   Contacts on 6 Metres and above will not count towards the Award)

Modes :

CW,  SSB, FM, AM and available Digital Modes

Award Stations :

For a list of   IMD Award Stations, see our separate page – Award Stations.  This list is correct up to the time of the latest Web Page amendment.   Only contacts with the required number of stations from this list will be accepted for issue of the Award.

Some may not have confirmed their participation to us but, if they are on the list and you work them, worry not, we count them as genuine as they will appear on several award claims and we will know they were active.




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