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Mike Jones 2E0MLJ visit as DRM Region 11

Mike visited the Club last evening and presented to us in two parts:

1. The RSGB Youth

Mike  2E0MLJ is Chairman of the RSGB Youth Committee which promotes the interests of young people in the amateur radio community.

He talked about the aims of the Youth Committee and highlighted some of the sponsored activities offered courtesy of the RSGB and others.

Apparently there are 201 Youth Members of the Society with age range to 25 Yrs even though the membership is FREE. Josh is one of them.

There is a DX-Pedition to Wales in July with cost being just £50, the rest covered by the RSGB – Lots of SOTA activity in the Brecon Beacons

plus some ARDF and lots of fun activities including zip-wires and other dangerous activities enjoyed when you are young.

With Mike’s obvious passion and enthusiasm watch this space as the RSGB is actively targeting youth and, as Mike said the course really is

linked to maths and physics and an excellent boost to School learning.

We have been left with some application forms to get our other young members joined up.

2. The RSGB work

Numerous topics covered including:

  • Subscription Cost
  • EMC Committee
  • Planning Help available
  • RADCOM content level – perhaps a bit high for the majority of readers
  • Perception of Value to prospective members
  • The QSL Bureau
  • Website
  • Online additional magazines
  • Club monthly magazine

Probably much more too. Mike answered most questions but has gone away with a few to ask the Society and will

provide responses to us. For example why did the Society stop taking part in IMD!

To ensure inclusion in GB2RS Mike has said he will get articles included if sent to him.

Apologies but this is all from memory and I no longer qualify for youth status Hi Hi

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A new Foundation Licence training course planned for May

If you live within striking distance of Redruth and have a wish to become an Amateur Radio operator :

Contact Ken G0FIC at the earliest possible opportunity to find out more or to make arrangements to join the course.

Ken can be found on:             




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Some sad news

I am sorry to report that Nike G1NRF’s Mother passed away on the evening of Tuesday 31st March after a long illness.

Our thoughts are with you and all the family Mike.

The next few weeks will be hard but things will improve with the passage of time.

Don’t worry, we will find you a job for the coming year at the AGM now we know you are willing to stand for Committee again.

Norman G4USB

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Annual General Meeting 2nd April 2015

It is hard to believe but here we are with the Annual General Meeting just a few days away.

Not only is it the AGM but it is also the first time we will be meeting at the new venue across the way from our old haunt at the former Gweal An Top School in Redruth.

The meeting will take place on Thursday April 2nd at 19.30 hours.

Refreshments will be available if we can find our way around the rather flashy new kitchen facilities that are to hand at the new venue.


On a sombre note, it will be one year since our old friend Charlie passed away as, if you recall it was on the night of the AGM when he was struck down in 2014.

Where has the time gone?



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Special Station gathering on Feb 21st

We had a great time at Gweal An Top on Saturday seeing many faces we had not seen for a while at the regular Club evenings and having a good natter session.

The French Contest on 40m seemed to be the predominant feature of the band covering up the majority of the TDOTA stations until mid afternoon.

Ed confused a Bulgarian operator by returning to his call made in English using the Bulgarian language, at least I assume it was as Ed had worked in that country for some time a while back.

James M6ZXZ had the important job of the Pasty run to Prima at Scorrier and those of us joining him in enjoying the delicacy enjoyed it to its fullest, could have done with more Swede and onion but very passable.

Well worth the effort just to see so many of the members coming along.


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Thinking Day on the Air 2015

On February 21st 2015 we will be running an HF station at Gweal An Top, Redruth for Thinking Day on the Air 2015.

We have invited the attendance of Guides/Brownies from both the Camborne AND Redruth areas and hope we will have
some on site to pass greetings messages to other troops around the Country.

We decided to operate from our Club base as our original plan was to operate for the Camborne Troop from their
premises but, they decided they only wanted operation from 0900 to 1200hrs and it seemed to be a lot of effort for
a short period of operation and we will be on ait from 0900 to perhaps 1630Hrs.

Our aim is to give some of our newest Club licensees on air practice to make sure we have sufficient trained
personnel for the International Marconi Day on April 25th.

Visitors are very welcome to join us to see what Amateur Radio is all about and we hope to see a good number
of visitors over the period of operation.

Norman G4USB

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Some sad news

In the past few week we have learned of 3 colleagues who have sadly passed away.

Shaun Ryal – G4SIK  –  He was known to many of us pre amateur radio days as SR41, an extremy quiet and unassuming man he moved to France with hi wife Christine shortly after retirement back in about 1997 and I managed to speak to him on a couple of occasions. Our thoughts are with Christine.

John Rule G0JVR – A larger than life gentleman from Mullion. For many years a leading light at PARC. Ran the kite shop at Mullion and is survived by his wife Caroline and their 2 children. Thought are with you Caroline.

Doug Fisher G4—   wish I could remember the call but memory has failed. Doug was a regular visitor to the Club in the 80 and ran Bryants Van Hire near Lanner. Her moved away to I believe Cheltenham. Thought lie with the family.

Finally I have learned of the death of a well known voice on HF via a Tweet. I know many of us have spoken with him on several occasions, he always remembered you and had a great signal here in Cornwall. Cedric’s voice will be sadly missed by us all. Thought are with Cedric’s family.

Tweet from @dxworld read

Sadly, Cedric CT3FT is S.K. Many Dxers / Ragchewers/ SWLS will fondly remember him.


Rest in peace friends, you will live on in our memories

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The ARRL 10m Contest 14th – 15th December 2014

For once the band conditions were very good and I decided to spend a few hours on 10m over the weekend. As you may know, I am not an avid contester, far from it, I would much rather have an hour long chat with someone to be honest but, contests provide an ideal opportunity to check how your set up is working and its overall efficiency with no expectation from the contacted stations to tell them your whole life story hi hi.

First contact was with a VR2 in Hong Kong, an instant response then off out to do some work in the garden or wilderness at present!

Continued for a few hours as darkness approached and some stonking signals and good contacts made.

On the Sunday weather stopped play in the garden for more time to spend on 10m. Had several breaks though but managed to work a good mix of Countries and States.

Upon final analysis 37 States had been worked with the most prolific state being Texas. Several worked in Arizona but not a peep heard from New Mexico which lurks between the both of them, strange as NM has been worked often. Actually there were a good many of the missed States being ones regularly heard and worked, but hey, it is radio after all!

The link below is to a summarised analysis .pdf of the activity.

It was great fun, where were you? Did not actually hear another local station throughout the weekend, surprising but true.

arrl 10m contest Dec 2014




Happy Christmas to all our readers



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Christmas meeting at Gweal an Top

For those who may have forgotten this evening is the Xmas evening at Gweal An Top.

We look forward to seeing everyone and, if you have placed your order there will be a pasty delivery at around 20.15Z

Ian M0IAF has compiled a set of Quiz questions so look out, it could be a fun evening for us all.

See you there.


Norman G4USB

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