CW And Local Nets

CW Continuous Wave

If anyone is interested they will be a CW Practice Session on Friday nights starting at 1900hrs on Freq 144.050 CW. There are no rules the only thing we ask is that you go as slow or as fast as the person sending.

Times & Frequencies of Local Nets

HF Lower SSB Wednesdays 20:00hrs 3.696 +- VHF Local Simplex & SSB

Sundays 10.30am 3.746 +- or possibly 7.183 if no good on 80m. HF Upper Side Band Mondays 19.30. 28.333

R.S.G.B. NEWS ON N.C. REPEATER  (input 145.125- output 145.725

Sundays time NC Repeater output Freq 145.725

VHF Falmouth Area 145.400. MHz various times Local Amateurs

VHF Redruth Area 145.550. MHz various times Local Amateurs

VHF Redruth & Camborne 70.425 MHz Tuesday’s 21.00hrs

Club Net Thursdays 20:00hrs 144.325 USB