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I firmly believe in not re-inventing the wheel and when there is a very professional video giving tips on how to get started in the hobby available for use I grabbed the opportunity. The video is produced by Essex Hams, the CARS group is well known to us and their call GX0MWT joins us as an official IMD station every April.

Enjoy the video and, if it sparks enthusiasm to the extent that you would like to learn more about the hobby or take a course and become a Foundation licence holder please use the contact form below to enquire further about the Cornish Radio Amateur Club’s courses. Essex is a bit too far to travel from Cornwall after all!



Do you watch and enjoy the gadget show on TV? Well, here’s an interview with one of the show’s presenters Jason Bradbury. Jason is 2E0JAB but even with his day job making him sound very technically able this interview reveals some fundamental weaknesses in his amateur radio knowledge so this may just give you the comfort of knowing you don’t need to be an electronics wizard with a Doctorate to join the hobby as an operator.

To enquire about the training courses CRAC will be running into the future please complete the contact form below entering full details as this really helps build a picture of our prospective trainees during the sign up process.

We have had an excellent success rate which has averaged 85% for our Foundation Candidates to date. Some courses have seen a 100% pass mark.If you fail it is a little like falling off your two wheeled bike, you get back on and take it again, simple as that.

We hope to hear from you and look forward to helping you enter our fascinating hobby.

To enquire about the availability of Courses currently planned or being run please complete this enquiry form. With just the one trainer only one level of course will be running at any given time.

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