Foundation Licence


Our initial training course concluded in June 2010 and two students sat the examination.
Unfortunately there was a 50% success rate on that occasion with the second candidate achieving a marginal fail
needing just one more correct answer to have succeeded.

However the successful candidate gave us our  ‘youngest’ licenced member ,in the Cornish Radio Amateur Club
at that time ,in the shape of young Kira Halloway, who was, at the time,  12 yeas of age. The daughter of our Vice Chairman, Mike Halloway G1NRF, Kira is used to listening to HF having taken a keen interest in Amateur Radio thanks to Mike using his equipment at home and always encouraging his youngsters.

The mantle of youngest licenced member was taken over in 2012 by Josh, Grandson of Ian M0IAF who is a member of our Committee.

Next youngster to tackle the exam will be Kira’s younger brother,Connor, watch out then Mike, you will need to become a referee and book time on your own station rigs!

Graham has learned much running the initial courses and has fine tuned the training in an effort
to shorten the time the courses run by concentrating on the less easy to grasp topics and leaving
the candidates to study the less technical aspects in their own time.

In November 2012 a foundation exam was run for 4 candidates who had all self trained and studied at home and completed an assessment day with the Club. All candidates were successful.

We will be trying out a new formula for the course in the New Year (2013) with a Foundation Course running over 4 weekends rather than several weeks with tuition on one evening each week. We believe this move will prove an efficient way to train and, if you wish to join the hobby and train yourself or of you know someone who does please contact Ian by following this link


Click on the following link for full details on this course on the Radio Society of Great Britain site

Visit this link for details


Mike G1NRF(assistant) Paul,Darren,June, Ray, Steve 5 passes in last course

Darren and Steve are currently studying under Graham G3LAI for the Intermediate Licence and will be taking their examination in the next few weeks and could have their 2E0 calls in time for Guy Fawkes Night !

To enquire about the availability of Courses currently planned or being run please complete this enquiry form. With just the one trainer only one level of course will be running at any given time.

To enquire about the availability of Courses currently planned or being run please complete this enquiry form. With just the one trainer only one level of course will be running at any given time.

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