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Offer to Members

Please remember these offers may no longer be current due to the passage of time. That being said, be sure to give Roy a call and he will certainly give you a very keen price when compared to other suppliers and he is local to us should there be a problem, that in itself is worth something.

Hi everyone Roy here from UAS at Illogan.

Just to let you know the new Sirio GPA 4070 has just come in.

I am away now on holiday until the 20th so anyone interested please contact me from then.

Details for members web price £41.95 members price £33.95

SIRIO GPA 40 70 Base Antenna 4m 6m

Features: – Base station antenna, Mono-band
Omnidirectional, Unity gain
Made of aluminium alloy 6063 T-832
Tunable by whip length adjusting
Side mast mounting allowed by optional bracket FT-2 code 2510004.00

Part Numbers: P/N 2101401.00 GPA 40-70

Electrical Data
Type: 1/4 wave ground plane
Frequency range:
GPA 40-70: tunable 40…70 MHz
Impedance: 50 ohm
diation (H-plane): 360 deg omnidirectional
Radiation (E-plane): beamwidth @ -3 dB = 86¡Æ
Radiation angle: 0¡Æ
Polarization: linear vertical
Gain: 0 dBd – 2.15 dBi
GPA 40-70: ¡Ã3.7 MHz @ 40 MHz
SWR @ res. freq.: 1.2 @ start freq.
GPA 40-70: 1000 Watts (Ideal for an M6 then!)
Connector: UHF-female

Mechanical Data
– Materials: Aluminium, Chromed brass, Nylon
– Wind load / resistance:
GPA 40-70: 85 N at 150 Km/h / 150 Km/h
– Wind surface:
GPA 40-70: 0.07 m©÷
– Height (approx.):
GPA 40-70: 3200 mm
– Weight (approx.):
GPA 40-70: 935 gr
– Radial length (approx.):
GPA 40-70: 1800 mm
– Mounting mast: ¨ª 35-40 mm

01209 844859





November offers to Club Members from UAS Enterprises.

October offers to Club Members

Another offer to members from – UAS Enterprises Ltd

Ken, please pass this around – i am taking orders for

quality VHF / UHF Dual band base antenna with radials
Technical Data

Frequency · 144 / 430 MHz

Profit · VHF 4.5 dB UHF 7.2 dB

Max power · 200 W

Material · Whip: fiberglass

Connection · N Type female

Length · 1.7 m

Weight · 1.4 kg

Comes complete with stainless steel straps for pole mounting side
Weight: 1.4 kg

UK website selling them for £49.95, my offer to members for the end of the month is £39.95 – picture enclosed.

01209 844859

Another offer from – UAS Enterprises Ltd – received by E.Mail 4th October 2011

 We are now taking orders for stock coming in at the end of the month for 3 types of PSU, anyone interested please give us a call and let us know by this weekend. (15/10/11)

Tel —  01209 844859


E.Mailed to us and received 2nd October 2011


I’ve been having a clear-up and have way too much stuff so if you are

interested in any of the following items or, if know anyone who could be

please contact me.

lcom VHF Marine Monitor x2 – £20.00 each

Icom IC-240 2m Radio with microphone – £30.00

Icom M12 2w Handheld Marine radio with antenna and charger £15.00

bhi DSP Unit (Boxed) – £65.00

GRECOM 200E 200 Channel Base Scanner (Boxed) £60.00

Intek H-520 Handheld CB/10m Radio (Boxed) with car Kit – £60.00

Windows Vista Tower, 1GB Ram, Tower with 19″ TFT Monitor all cd’s etc – £125.00


Lawrie Richardson M3UHQ
Freelance Photographer

Contact Lawrie direct if interested as we do not hold any more detail.

Received 21st September 2011 via Dave G1LNA

for the Cornish contingent

 Please see below – contact Stephen for any more info – email


 I have some radio equipment for sale just letting you know

  • ts-2000e  2009 model very good conditon  just gone for a service  £1000.
  • ts-480hx mint  never been used   £650
  • ft-902dm  very good condtion   for it year 1982 model   £400 ono
  •  fc-902 never been used   still boxed   £150
  •  Hygain explorer 14 (3 ele HF Beam 10-15-20)
    this has been has been taken down ready to collcet
    here is the spec
    Gain: 8.1 dBi (avg.).
    F/B Ratio: 27 dB (avg.).
    Max Power: 1500 Watts PEP.
    Boom Length: 14 Feet.
    Longest Element: 31 Feet 6 inches.
    Turning Radius: 17 feet 3 inches.
    Mast Diameter: 2.0 – 2.5 inches OD.
    Surface Area: 7.5 sq. feet.
    Net weight: 45 pounds.
    Wind Survival: 100 mph.
    price £180

Please contact the seller on the above e.mail address and not CRAC as we will not know if the items

have sold – thanks.


The following items are available for purchase at special concessionary prices from Roy at Illogan who

normally trades via his E.BAY Shop. If you would like more information or to make a purchase please

contact Roy direct at the following locations.

01209 844859

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