The Cornish Award

The Cornish Award

The Cornish award has been offered by the Cornish Radio Amateur Club for in
excess of 40 years in recognition of the applicant having worked the prescribed number
of resident Cornish Amateur Radio Stations operating from their
locations within the County of Cornwall, either fixed, mobile or portable

For 2016 only

2016 has become a very special year and, we were approached by the Poldhu Amateur Radio Club who asked if they could base their K for Kernow award on the Cornish Award and we readily agreed. In line with the Kernow Award we are for 2016 only offering a FREE award with a different certificate delivered only by e.mail in .pdf format.

The award offers three levels of achievement for both HF & VHF

One point is given per QSO made; however, if you work our Club call during the period GK4CRC we will award 5 points as long as the claimants call sign appears in our Club logbook.

Any or all amateur bands and modes may be used within each Class, but SIMPLEX
contacts ONLY are eligible so NO repeater, Satellite or Internet contacts will be counted.

This Special 2016 award is for contacts made between 01.01.16 and 31.12.16 only.

CLASS ONE – Amateur Bands 1.8 to 50MHz

Level One – 30 points.
Level Two – 20 points.
Level Three – 10 points.

CLASS TWO – Amateur Bands 144MHz and above

Level One – 15 points.
Level Two – 10 points.
Level Three – 6 points.

All contacts must be made using the same callsign, but /M /MM or /P is acceptable. However, no claims from M3xxx and G7aaa within the same claim for example.
You will need to work the required number under an individual call.

For our award, claims are welcomed for: single mode, single band, all worked /M or /P, but equally claims may be mixed band or mode. This gives you a little more scope to set yourself a challenge for example, to work for Gold Awards on perhaps 6M, 4M, 2M, 70cms, & 23cms plus a Mixed!

Similar details apply for the SWL award, with the exception that the claim should be a log extract, showing not only the Cornish station heard, but also the station being worked.

Claims, in the form of a log extract preferably in .pdf or Excel Format indicating clearly which award class is being claimed.

For ease we would appreciate a separate log extract for each class being claimed please.

Claims should be submitted via email to our 2016 Awards Manager. Ian M6IEW (email)