IMD Stations 2018

Below is a list of Confirmed International Marconi Day Stations for 2018


Please note you do NOT need to register just to claim the award

Registration is for official stations only. Official stations are those with a connection to Marconi only.

This list will be updated as stations register.

Station Callsign Location
GB4IMD Cornwall, UK (organisers)
II0GM Rome, Italy
GB8IMD Andover RC, Wiltshire, UK
WA1WCC Chatham, Massachusetts, Cape Cod, USA
IY4FGM Villa Griffone – Pontecchio Marconi (BO)
IY1SP La Spezia
IY7M Molo San Cataldo (BA)
IY6GM Monte Cappuccini (AN)
IY5PIS Coltano (PI)
IY1MR Rapallo (GE)
IY0ORP Osservatorio Geofisico di Rocca di Papa (RM)
IY0GA Capo Figari – Golfo Aranci (SS) – Sardinia Island
IY0TC Torre Chiaruccia – Santa Marinella (RM)
IY0IMD Forte Michelangelo – Civitavecchia (RM)
IY1SM Santa Margherita Ligure (GE)
KM1CC Cape Cod RC, USA
PA6IMD Gouda & District Section Veron, Netherlands
K3IMD Hartstown, Pennsylvania, USA
OE18M IMD Station, Austria
G2LO Borough Hill, Daventry, UK
GB0YAM Yorkshire Air Museum, York, UK
GB2GM Poldhu ARC, Cornwall, UK
GB0CMS Caister Marconi Station, Life Boat Station, Norfolk, UK
GB4MBP Bass Point, Cornwall, UK
VK2IMD Hornsby & District ARC, Hornsby, NSW, Australia
K2M Marconi Tower, Binghamton, NY, USA
GX0MWT Chelmsford ARS, Essex, UK
WA3BAT Philadelphia Museum Ship, Philadelphia, USA
GB8MD Telford & District ARS, Gwynedd, Wales
GB2NLO Norman Lockyer Observatory, Sidmouth, Devon, UK
W2RC Radio Central ARC, Rocky Point, New York
IY7GMB Circolo ARS, Bari
GB0MGY Harlow RS, Essex, UK