Amateur Radio Equipment Manuals and Circuit Diagrams from The Cornish Radio Amateur Club G4CRC

As and when I come across manuals on the web I will upload them to the site for members to download.
If what you are seeking is not there don’t complain I will just not have found it.


To use any radio for voice transmission you need a microphone, of course, here is a document providing wiring diagrams for a whole host of different radio types. Many thanks to the author for his tireless dedication to the topic and for presenting the information in suce an understandable format. As we all say, a photo speaks a thousand words.

Mic Wiring info



Kenwood TH F6-F7E Service manual

MFX100   THF6 & THF7 Programing Software

th_f6a and th_f7e manual

TS-480_manual_E  –  For the E version

TS-590S_IDM Kenwood Manual

Kenwood TS-50S HF Transceiver

Kenwood AT-50 Automatic Antenna Tuner

Kenwood TS-870S HF Transceiver

Kenwood TS-870S Transceiver (in depth)

Kenwood TS-950SDX HF Transceiver

Kenwood TS-950SDX HF Transceiver In-Depth Manual

Kenwood TS-480HX,TS-480SAT HF All Mode Transceiver

Kenwood TS-480-series Transceiver (in depth)

Kenwood TS-480HX TS-480SAT Transceiver PC Control Command Reference WW

Kenwood TS570

Kenwood Ham Equipment Connector Diagrams and Pinouts (1999) WW

Kenwood SM-230 Station Monitor

Kenwood Ham Equipment Connector Diagrams and Pinouts (1999)

Kenwood TH F6-F7E Service manual

Yaesu FT100 – undocumented

Yaesu FT450 Service Suppliment

Yaesu FT5100 Service Suppliment

Yaesu FT90R

YaesuFT 950

Yaesu FT1802

Yaesu FT1802-M Technical Suppliment

Yaesu 2900R – Service Manual

Yaesu FT2900R – Owners Manual

Yaesu FT5100R Manual

Yaesu Atas 120 Technical Suppliment

Off centre fed Dipole

Cushcraft MA5B – Assembly

Icom IC-2720H


Yaesu FT7800 – Service Manual

Yaesu FT-857 Service Suppliment Pt1

Yaesu FT-857 Service Suppliment Pt2

Philips – PRM80_MANUAL


vt200t programming

Cushcraft-AR-2-Ringo Antennas



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