XH558 at RIAT 2015

I thought you would enjoy this video of XH558 at the RIAT for the last time in her final flying year.

CRAC social evenings

Below you will find a list of dates when we will be holding our social evenings at The Countryman at Piece.

We meet at approx. 7.30pm and everyone is always welcome to join us. Food is available should anyone wish to eat out.

Social evenings will be:

Wednesday 22nd July
Wednesday 29th July
Wednesday 12th August
Wednesday 26th August
Wednesday 9th September
Wednesday 23rd September
Wednesday 30th September

This will give you time to plan and will also save you from getting so many emails from me. Hopefully See some of you there.


Steve – G7VOH

Cornish Radio Amateur Club

UAS offer

UAS Enterprises Ltd

10 ONLY £18.00

W-770HB Watson 2m/70cm Dualbander with Fold-over base

* Bands 144 & 430MHz
* 3dBi & 5.5dBi
* 200W max
* Length 1.1m
* Base PL-259

SIRIO GPA 40 70 Base Antenna 4m 6m

6 only … £26

Features: – Base station antenna, Mono-band
Omnidirectional, Unity gain
Made of aluminium alloy 6063 T-832
Tunable by whip length adjusting
Side mast mounting allowed by optional bracket FT-2 code 2510004.00
Part Numbers: P/N 2101401.00 GPA 40-70

Electrical Data
Type: 1/4 ground plane
Frequency range:
GPA 40-70: tunable 40…70 MHz
Impedance: 50
diation (H-plane): 360 omnidirectional
Radiation (E-plane): beamwidth @ -3 dB = 86
Radiation angle: 0
Polarization: linear vertical
Gain: 0 dBd – 2.15 dBi
Bandwidth @ SWR 2
GPA 40-70: 3.7 MHz @ 40 MHz
SWR @ res. freq.: 1.2 @ start freq.
GPA 40-70: 1000 Watts
Connector: UHF-female

Mechanical Data
– Materials: Aluminium, Chromed brass, Nylon
– Wind load / resistance:
GPA 40-70: 85 N at 150 Km/h / 150 Km/h
– Wind surface:
GPA 40-70: 0.07
– Height (approx.):
GPA 40-70: 3200 mm
– Weight (approx.):
GPA 40-70: 935 gr
– Radial length (approx.):
GPA 40-70: 1800 mm
– Mounting mast: ¨ª 35-40 mm

Alinco DR 135 E MK 111 2M Ham mobile VHF radio

2 only £114.95… Nevada Price £139.95

Type Mobile Amateur VHF Transceiver Frequency range RX 118-174 MHz (after modification) TX 144-146 MHz Frequency stability – Tuning steps 5 / 8.33 / 10 / 12.5 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 50 kHz Receiver
Modulations AM / FM / N-FM (DV optional) Sensitivity < -16.0 dBu (12 dB SINAD) Selectivity FM: 12 kHz or more (-6 dB), 28 kHz or less (-60 dB) N-FM: 6 kHz or more (-6 dB), 16 kHz or less (-60 dB) Receiver system Double-conversion superheterodyne IF-frequencies 1st: 21.7 MHz 2nd: 450 KHz Transmitter
Modulations FM / N-FM (DV optional) RF-output High: 50 W, Medium: 20 W, Low: 5 W Connections
Antenna BNC Impedance 50 ? Electrical
Power requirements 13.8V DC +/- 15% Current drain RX 400 mA (squelched) TX Max 11 A Physical
Dimensions (w×h×d) 142 × 40 × 174 mm (5.59 × 1.57 × 6.85 in)

01209 844859

Items for sale offered by 2E0GSD

Items for sale. Dave Wall 2E0GSD
2e0gsd lives in Helston.

1xToshiba net book 11.6 screen 4gb memory 500 hdd this has reversable screen and can also be used as a tablet it 2 months old £170.00.

1xToshiba netbook 11.6 screen same 4gb memory NOT REVERSABLE screen same price as the other netbook £170.00.

1xHP netbook reversable screen can be used as tablet 4gb memory 750 hdd £160.00 one month old.

David has other things for sale in computer gear, he says, too many to type about but all enquires welcomed .

ll the best Dave 2e0gsd – Tel 01326 – 569804

Take a look at this site

The CARS group have been a part of IMD for many years and are the primary provider of training for Amateur Radio in the County of Essex.

The Essex Ham web site is crammed full of useful articles and help for the new to ham radio or old stagers within the hobby.

Well worth spending some time taking a look.


CRAC Social Evening

We are again meeting at the Countryman, Piece, Carnkie on Wednesday evening, June 24th from aroud 7.00pm onwards.

Food available within the pub for those wishing to treat themselves. Its steak night on a Wednesday with I believe two steak meals for £18.00

Wednesday 24th is also Folk evening at the Countryman with a gathering of musicians effectively jamming from I think around 20.30pm.

All are welcome.

Autumn Foundation Course

We are hoping to be able to announce that there will be a Foundation training course arranged for September 2015.

This enables everyone to enjoy the Summer before commitment to the training.

Contact G0FIC for information.

We suggest you purchase the Foundation manual for the RSGB or any other source and begin your studying before

the course takes place. Just reading it several times will mean many facts have been retained and will make the training sessions more enjoyable and easier to follow.

Murdoch Day 13th June 2015







John Uren

Gweal an Top

group shot


Murdoch Day 13th June 2015

A demonstration Special Event Station will be operational at the Club HQ, Gweal An Top School, School Lane, Redruth from arounf 10.00 hrs to 16.00 hrs with operation taking place on the HF bands.

We invite all of our members or local licensed amateurs along to operate and suggest this is an ideal opportunity for those interested in taking up the hobby to come long and meet us to see what it is allabout and to find out how to train and become qualified to obtain your first call sign at the beginning of a hobby that will be with ypu for the rest of your life.

See you there!

73′ Norman G4USB

GB3GC Repeater

Operates from the same site as GB3PL

Keeper/NoV holder: DERECK WHITE [M0YDW]

Band: 6M ( R50-02) Output frequency: 50.7300MHz RX Frequency: 51.2300MHz


ETCC Region: South-West
Location/Whereabouts: Nr GUNNISLAKE
Location: NGR: SX407714

Locator: IO70WN

Latitude/Longitude: 50.520801 / -4.247996

Group web site: http://www.gb3pl.co.uk
Database Entry: 5 Mar 2014
Date of NoV Issue: 1 Apr 2014
Renewal Date: 31 Mar 2017

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  • Show and Shine Results 07/09/2015
    SHOW AND SHINE RESULTS 2015 CLASS 1 Standard air cooled sedan 1st Katy & Justine 2nd Martin Curtis 3rd Paul Diddy 2 Modified air cooled sedan 1st Nick Quince 2nd Jacqui Winter 3rd Weller Chubb 3 Standard type2 T1 (Splitty) 1st Nick Coultas 2nd James Russell 3rd Lee Murras 4 Modified/patina type2 T1(Splitty) 1st Dusty […]
  • Jamboree 2015 Day 3 31/08/2015
    The third and final day and the busiest around the show site with numerous day visitors and our annual Show and Shine car show. Overnight the weather had taken a turn for the worse and we awoke to steady rain falling from the sky! Luckily at about the same time as the registrations for the […]
  • Jamboree 2015 Day 2 31/08/2015
    Another sunny day with plenty going of and an excellent line up if entertainment during the day and on into the evening.
  • Jamboree 2015 Day 1 29/08/2015
  • Jamboree 2015 Day One 28/08/2015
    The site is rapidly filling up with happy campers and the weather has been just brilliant. A few niggles with the portable toilets but other than that everything is great. We have more than 70 traders attending this year and Brian, Peter and Barry have been very busy placing them in their allocated pitches. Our […]
  • CVWOC set up for Jamboree 2015 27/08/2015
    You may be surprised to learn that setting up the site or the Jamboree is not completed by the fairies it actually involves a band of volunteers from our Club working hard and giving up their time to achieve the miracle each and every year. Thankfully this year we have Ian and his JCB GT […]
  • One day to go 27/08/2015
    Good progress was made setting up the site yesterday and by the end of today all should be ready for the off. Weather here today is bright with sunshine and around 4 octas cloud cover and  light breeze following an all out gale on Tuesday evening/night that shredded our banner and, demolished the marquee totally.Truro […]
  • Programme of Events – Jamboree 2015 24/08/2015
    PROGRAMME OF EVENTS FOR JAMBOREE 2015 SUBJECT TO CHANGE FRIDAY 28TH 12.00 Gates open 16.00 Music Outside Marquee 18:00 Bar Opens- Main Marquee 18:00 Kids Disco- Main Marquee 19:00 Marnie – Main Marquee 20:00 Disco – Main Marquee 21:00 Jubilee Boys – Main Marquee 22:30 Disco- Main Marquee 23.00 Music switches to low level to adhere to local regulations 00:00 Bar & […]
  • Show and Shine 2015 – Classes 13/08/2015
    Show & Shine The classes for the 2015 Show and Shine are as follows: Entrants have sole responsibility for selecting and entering the appropriate class for their vehicle. 1 Standard air cooled sedan 2 Modified air cooled sedan 3 Standard type2 T1 (Splitty) 4 Modified/patina type2 T1(Splitty) 5 Standard type2 T2 68/79 (Bay) 6 Modified […]
  • Advanced tickets for CVWOC Jamboree 2015 09/05/2015
    Click here to buy your tickets……


  • Fox-1A Launched 07/10/2015
    The amateur radio FM transponder CubeSat, AMSAT Fox-1A, was among 13 CubeSats flying as secondary payloads on the NROL-55 mission. The launch took place at 12:49:30 UT on Thursday, October 8 on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket from … Continue reading →
  • Radio Amateurs on NASA TV 07/10/2015
    Radio amateurs Jerry Buxton, N0JY and Courtney Duncan, N5BF were on the panel at a NASA prelaunch briefing on Wednesday, October 7. Participants in the news briefing discussed several of the specific CubeSats aboard the National Reconnaissance Office’s NRO-L55 mission. … Continue reading →
  • LQSat Launched 07/10/2015
    LQSat was launched into a 656 km sun synchronous orbit at 0413 UT on Wednesday, October 7 from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center (JSLC) in Inner Mongolia on a Chang Zheng 2D (CZ-2D) rocket. The satellite was developed by researchers and … Continue reading →
  • New OSCAR Satellite Status Page 05/10/2015
    Thanks to the efforts of Joe KM1P and Peter 2E0SQL, and with the permission of David KD5QGR, we have set up a copy of the OSCAR satellite status page. This page will be maintained by multiple volunteers, including myself, and … Continue reading →
  • AMSAT-NA VP-Engineering on NASA TV Wednesday 02/10/2015
    AMSAT-NA VP-Engineering Jerry Buxton, N0JY will be on the panel at a NASA prelaunch briefing on Wednesday, October 7 at 1800 UT. The briefing will be shown live on NASA TV. The amateur radio FM transponder CubeSat, AMSAT Fox-1A, will … Continue reading →

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  • Anan 10E First Look 15/06/2015
    Introduction After a month evaluating the Anan10E SDR, there is only one word to describe this little guy, “WOW’! No doubt that the Anan10E is one of the best rigs to come through the Ham Radio Science shack, if not the very best. Probably most Apache Labs SDR owners already know this, but now for […]
  • Anan 10E Unboxing Video Up 08/04/2015
    The HRS unboxing of Apache Lab’s new Anan 10E video is up. Stay tuned for a “First Look” article and video over the next few days. So far the Anan 10E has been pretty impressive. It looks like it will be a game changer for SDR Transceivers in the sub $1000 range. Keep checking back! […]
  • Anan SDR Radios Now Available from US Dealers and a New Entry Level ANAN SDR 04/04/2015
    Some good news for you that have been interested in the generally highly regarded Anan series of SDR transceivers. First off, the Anan SDRs can be currently purchased from two us dealers, Gigaparts and Cheapham. The warranty on these radios are for 2 years against manufacturing defects with a US service center in Arkansas. Also […]
  • RTL2832u – R820T VS RTL2832u – R820T2 26/11/2014
    In the world of Software Defined Radio there have not been many new products introduced over the past year. The products that have been introduced have been a little pricey for what they do. With that being said, there is not much if anything that can beat the venerable RTL2832U dongle as a great low […]
  • The mcHF QRP Transceiver Project 22/08/2014
    When it comes to a low cost SDR QRP Transceiver W0MKA has the right idea. The mcHF QRP transceiver is a project that W0MKA has been working on for awhile and we are starting to see more of a finished product begin to emerge. W0MKA’s project is pretty much a DIY endeavor at this time. […]
  • The Three Best Low Cost SDR Radios You Can Buy Today 07/06/2014
    If you are thinking about getting involved with SDR radio or just want to add a new one to you shack, here are what we consider the three best values in SDR radio equipment available today. The operative word here is “low cost”. These SDRs are not necessarily the best you can buy, but offer […]
  • Ham Radio Deluxe Now Supports Alinco DX-SR9 26/05/2014
    The latest version of Ham Radio Deluxe as added CAT support for the DX-SR9 as well as the DX-SR8. This will allow HRD to control such things as tuning, transmit, power settings, mode, and other supported features of the Alinco radios. The Alinco transceivers have a much smaller command set available for computer control, but […]
  • NooElec Aluminum Extruded Case for the Ham It Up HF Converter 21/04/2014
    Overview Looking for a place to put your Ham It Up Converter? NewElec is now selling a very nice aluminum extruded case to fit the Ham It Up HF converter. As was discussed in an earlier article on HRS, a RTL2832U Dongle and the Ham It Up converter make a killer combo for a VHF,UHF, […]
  • Alinco DX-SR9 Hybrid SDR Transceiver Review 09/04/2014
    Introduction If Alinco’s DX-R8  receiver and the DX-SR8 had a child, it would be the DX-SR9. The DX-SR9 inherits the brains of the DX-R8 and the brawn of the DX-SR8 to create the DX-SR9 hybrid amateur radio transceiver. Hybrid SDRs are generally a standard radio receiver with buttons and knobs that feature an IQ output […]
  • New Forum for Ham Radio Science 19/02/2014
    As of today, HRS has decommissioned the old forum. We were just getting too many spammers. The new forum will allow us a better opportunity to help reduce some of the spam. Unfortunately, we were not able to move the user database or the old posts to the new forum. If you were a member […]


  • UAS – offers for CRAC Members 17/07/2015
    UAS Enterprises Ltd 10 ONLY £18.00 W-770HB Watson 2m/70cm Dualbander with Fold-over base * Bands 144 & 430MHz * 3dBi & 5.5dBi * 200W max * Length 1.1m * Base PL-259 SIRIO GPA 40 70 Base Antenna 4m 6m 6 … Continue reading →
  • The West Cornwall Motor Show 280615 29/06/2015
    As forecast we awoke to a wet and rather dismal day on Sunday with thick mist and driving drizzle being the order of the day. I arrived at the show site at around 10.15am and parked in public parking paying … Continue reading →
  • An excellent day out 24/06/2015
    Wadebridge Wheels, see photographs of previous years on the site, is an excellent day out for all the family. If it has wheels and an engine it may well be seen at this show from vintage tractors to Ferrari cars … Continue reading →
  • CRAC Social Evening 23/06/2015
    We are again meeting at the Countryman, Piece, Carnkie on Wednesday evening, June 24th from aroud 7.00pm onwards. Food available within the pub for those wishing to treat themselves. Its steak night on a Wednesday with I believe two steak … Continue reading →
  • Foundation Licence Training 16/06/2015
    With the unfortunate cancellation of the last planned course due to the inability of students to attend we are hoping to arrange a further course in September 2015. Keep a look out for further details. We can only set dates … Continue reading →
  • An end of an era begins 21/05/2015
    Today us the 76th anniversary of the formation of NAS 771. To mark the event 6 Sea King helicopters are carrying out a fly past sortie over West Cornwall leaving Culdrose at 10.30 BST. This also marks the start of … Continue reading →
  • CRAC Foundation Course Cancelled 05/05/2015
    Unfortunately it has been necessary to cancel the planned Foundation Licence course due to lack of support. Although there were 10 people waiting for a course in the final analysis only three came forward and confirmed they actually wished to … Continue reading →
  • Cornwall: Discovering the UK’s telecoms heritage 23/04/2015
    Follow the link below to take a look at the heritage we have on our doorstep Source: Cornwall: Discovering the UK’s telecoms heritage … Continue reading →
  • Making waves: Two huts used by radio pioneer Marconi provide a perfect base to explore the beautiful Cornish coastline 23/04/2015
    Known to us as the home of GB4MBP (Marconi Bass Point) one of our International Marconi Day Stations, station manager Geoff G0FHT. I visited the huts prior to their restoration and at that point they were fit to be demolished! … Continue reading →
  • Cornwall Volkswagen Owners Club – Swapmeet 18/04/2015
      The Swapmeet has been moved from the Easter Weekend due to popular demand and will take place on April 26th at the Victory Hall, Roche, St Austell, Cornwall. We hope to see a large attendance at this, the first … Continue reading →

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