New full licences for two members

At last nights meeting we not only enjoyed our very hot freshly delivered pasties courtecy of Rippons of Bissoe kindly delivered by Andrew but also learned that both candidates tasking the advanced exam on Dec the 8th had passed…..

Congratulations to:

John who now has become M0 J I U
Mike who changes call to M0 M B Z

Well done guys, a nice early Christmas present for you.

Norman G4USB

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The ARRL 10m Contest 14th – 15th December 2014

For once the band conditions were very good and I decided to spend a few hours on 10m over the weekend. As you may know, I am not an avid contester, far from it, I would much rather have an hour long chat with someone to be honest but, contests provide an ideal opportunity to check how your set up is working and its overall efficiency with no expectation from the contacted stations to tell them your whole life story hi hi.

First contact was with a VR2 in Hong Kong, an instant response then off out to do some work in the garden or wilderness at present!

Continued for a few hours as darkness approached and some stonking signals and good contacts made.

On the Sunday weather stopped play in the garden for more time to spend on 10m. Had several breaks though but managed to work a good mix of Countries and States.

Upon final analysis 37 States had been worked with the most prolific state being Texas. Several worked in Arizona but not a peep heard from New Mexico which lurks between the both of them, strange as NM has been worked often. Actually there were a good many of the missed States being ones regularly heard and worked, but hey, it is radio after all!

The link below is to a summarised analysis .pdf of the activity.

It was great fun, where were you? Did not actually hear another local station throughout the weekend, surprising but true.

arrl 10m contest Dec 2014




Happy Christmas to all our readers



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Christmas meeting at Gweal an Top

For those who may have forgotten this evening is the Xmas evening at Gweal An Top.

We look forward to seeing everyone and, if you have placed your order there will be a pasty delivery at around 20.15Z

Ian M0IAF has compiled a set of Quiz questions so look out, it could be a fun evening for us all.

See you there.


Norman G4USB

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Your help needed

I am planning to create pages dedicated to user report of equipment they have purchased and are using/have used. This can be from Transceivers for HF, VHF be they base, mobile or handhelds.  Antenna tuners either manual or automatic, Mobile aerials for VHF,UHF,HF. Antennas for HF,VHF,UHF for base, mobile and portable use….. you get the picture any piece of kit really.

To do this I need the site readers assistance.

Please take the time to write a short review and forward it to me via e-mail to

I hope I will receive many responses as it will help to grow the resources of our site and provide useful information for our readers.

If reviewing an aerial please give brief details of the way it is erected, height of the pole, QTH height ASL etc as this will help our reader to judge the aerials suitability for them at their operating site.

Many thanks in advance.

Norman G4USB

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Special Offers

Offers for Club Members only:

Hi All

Some special offers for club members from Roy (Illogan) PJBOX anyone interested his contact details can be found below.

Sirio AS 170 PL : £18

Sirio 10/11m PERFORMER 1000 : Ebay £41 mine £25

Sirio10/11M PERFORMER 5000 eBAY £54 PLUS MINE £27

Sirio 10/11M TURBO 3000 : ebay £41 plus mine £25

skyscan SE 1500 SCAN KING scanner antenna Ebay £45 plus mine £28

skyscan DESKTOP scanner antenna ebay £41.95 plus mine £25


VHF UHF Antenna


My price £39.95

01209 844859

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Confusion over proposed ‘K’ prefix for Cornwall

Source The RSGB News extra service e-mail

The RSGB has received a significant number of enquiries expressing confusion and concern about the unexpected allocation of the secondary prefix “K” for Cornwall.

As a result, the Board has written to Ofcom asking them to review their decision and consult on the changes that they are proposing.

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Newsflash – James M6ZXZ is on 4m

Wow, it was only a few weeks this time, James must be practicing for 25th Dec as he has already
opened both the rig and the antenna packaging and has the aerial up and running with good signals
being heard on 4m from the Beacon area… all on channel.

A nice little net on Friday 24th October with 2E0CUH, 2E0PCO, 2E1ERJ, M6ZXZ and G4USB on air.

Phil 2E0PCO is coming along great guns now and has 20w pumping out from his TAIT Ex PMR, good
signal from him in Four Lanes, David 2E1ERJ uses an Ascom SE550 Ex PMR producing around the 25w level
and is a good signal with me from Threemilestone. Shaun 2E0CUH uses a Phillips 1000 converted PMR
and is painfully loud with me, James, uses a commercially produced radio an Anytone 5189 set at
the 10W level appropriate to his licence. On Friday I was using a converted Motorola GM-350 with
around the 25W output.

Four is a very interesting band and more effective then 2m on several occasions one such example is
between myself and Brian G4KAW where 4m is a very comfortable fully quietened QSO both ways. On Sunday
26th Brian and I were chatting along with Roy M3YKT and I was called by Hugh EI2HI who informed me I
had a very strong signal in S.Ireland. Neither Brian or Roy were able to reach him on this occasion.

We hold out net on 70.475 but must bear in mind that the chaps in EI who have an activity evening on 4m
on a Tuesday evening from around 2100hrs are unable to use that channel as their allocation ends at

Worth mentioning here that there is a ‘simplexer’ in EI on 70.350, you can check propagation to EI as
if you put a call out, wait a few seconds and then hear your voice repeated you will know that there is and
how good it is by your own signals quality repeated. Although slow, you can hold a QSO via the simplexer
with any area which has propagation to its location, these stations may not necessarily be able to work
your area at the time but via EI it could be possible….

Watch this space for more 4M news

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New Foundation Licence call signs in W Cornwall

Terry (Camborne) – M 6 L D W

Mark (Redruth) – M 6 M Y M

Graham (St Ives) -M 6 G T Z

I have spoken with Terry a few times already, heard Mark calling in after the news on Sunday
unfortunately on the repeater output (remember 600kc minus shift, 77hz ctcss, 145125 rx frequency at GB3NC)
Graham still not ‘tooled up with a radio I understand’

Welcome to the madness known as Amateur Radio!


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G3XFD spent an hour with us on JOTA 2014

Calling CQ on 40m from the 9 Ashes site I received a response from G3XFD, Rob in Bournemouth. Rob kindly agreed to pass greetings messages with the group of scouts, half of which had gathered behind me in the tent. The other half were passing messages on 2m within the confines of the site. With some 20 scouts in the group I was conscious that Rob may not wish to stay with us that long but, he said it was a pleasure and as long as he could escape at around 1.00pm it would be fine. After about 4 contacts were made I suddenly realised why not only the call but the voice was so familiar as the Rob in question was Rob Manion the former editor of Practical Wireless magazine, someone who has spent a long time in Cornwall in the past and had visited the Club on several occasions. The 10 minute warning was given and, thankfully we had just 5 more scouts to put in the hot seat. We concluded the contacts at around 3 minutes to the set hour and Rob was able to pick his XYL up from the local market in good time. Our grateful thanks are extended to Rob for his patience and resilience in taking the time to pass so many greetings. He really seemed to enjoy the experience thankfully. Hope you have a long and very enjoyable retirement Rob and we hope to see you back in Cornwall for a visit in the not too distant future. Contact with Rob G3XFD       Here I can be seen with one of the group in contact with Rob G3XFD (picture by Steve G7VOH)   Norman – G4USB President of CRAC

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Jamboree on the Air operation October 2014

For the first time in a number of years we were operational using our Club call sign over the JOTA weekend providing radio facilities to the 300 or so assembled Scouts of Cornwall at 9 Ashes, Washaway, Bodmin on the Saturday and Sunday of the JOTA weekend.

Our contingent worked very hard for the two days with hardly a gap in proceedings although, we were allowed a lunch break on the Saturday. With operation on the 2m band on site to give them a taste of VHF operation and, a 40m station using the TS 570 and Ian’s van mounted mast with a 40m dipole we managed to get every single scout at least one greetings message contact on air.

We were thanked by the County Assistand Commissioner and he hoped we may be able to help again next year. Consensus of onion was certainly will!

We were offered a donation for Club funds but suggested it be diverted into the Scout charity fund to enable the less fortunate to attend a camp in the future and this will be done in our name.


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