The Cornish Award

The Cornish Award

Welcome to the Cornish Award Page. 

The award was started by the club in the 1960’s and proved very popular. It has been running ever since and we hope that by giving this award a revamp to include modern day means of communication, this will stimulate interest with both older and newer licensed amateurs alike outside of the county.

This award can be earned by making contact with 20 Cornish Stations that are residing in Cornwall, South West UK. The contacts can be made on any band and using any mode. However, it must be a direct station to station contact without the use of repeaters, satellites or internet based modes such as Echolink, DMR, D-Star or Fusion. These modes are NOT allowed.

The contacts must be logged from January 1st 2024. Any contacts made prior to this date will NOT count.  

Proof in the form of copies of log book entries must be provided and show the station worked, time, date and mode. All of these will be required to qualify. The certificate will currently be availble free of charge and will be emailed in pdf format. If a hard copy is preffered please state when submitting your application and details will be provided. An A4 stamped addressed envelope will be required from the applicant and a certificate will be posted back. 

All applications must be emailed to