Norman Pascoe G4USB Silent Key : 1953-2016

As many of you know Norman Pascoe G4USB went silent key during February 2016. This page will be a fitting tribute to a man who gave so much of his life to our club and to Amateur Radio in general. Norman currently held the honour of holding the post of President of the Cornish Radio Amateur Club and has been a serving member of the Committee since 1981, a few months after joining. A year later he became the Secretary and held that post for around 8 years I believe. He then spent a couple of years as Vice chairman which led him to take over as Chairman for quite a while until Ken G0FIC assumed the tiller.   Norman was one of the founder members of International Marconi Day which was started up approximately 29 years ago. This event is still running as strong as ever. Norman had made so many friends around the world and new many of them personally and kept in regular contact on the radio and via email. He enjoyed attending special events stations which were organized by himself or the club. You could guarantee what ever the event he would always be there and would almost always be heard on the microphone talking to people he new far and wide. He was indeed a great ambassador for Amateur Radio and will be sadly missed by all who new him. Below are just a few quotes from messages received.


Remembering Norman