If you are interested in becoming a Radio Amateur then the Cornwall Radio Amateur Club can help you become one. Below are the three stages required by the RSGB. We encourage everyone to progress to the full licence however there is no requirement and you can stop at any stage and still have a call-sign which will start with M7 for Foundation, 2E0 for Intermediate, and M0 for Full licence. For more information please feel free to email the course secretary or any of the instructors below.

Rick Hall (G4PGD)

(Course Tutor)

Rick Hall G4PGD: 07817 257299 email


Mike Bray (M0MBZ)

(Course Tutor)

Mike Bray M0MBZ: 07940 420725


(Course Tutor)

Trevor Smith M0WDO:


(Course Tutor)

Bill Rowland M0NXF: 01736 850799


(Course Secretary)

Ken Tarry G0FIC: 01209 821073


There are currently three levels of license:

  1. Foundation; includes practical elements and a 26 question multiple choice exam paper (pass mark 19).
  2. Intermediate: includes practical elements and a 45 question multiple choice exam paper (pass mark 27).
  3. Full: A single theoretical knowledge based exam, no practical assessment. 62 question multiple choice exam paper (pass mark 37).

Each licence must be gained in order of progression, the first two levels have practical elements, which are assessed on site by the training team. The ‘Full’ licence is based on a candidate’s theoretical knowledge of the relevant subject matter.

Please visit the Cornish Radio Amateur Club YouTube Channel to watch our training videos and please Subscribe.


Number of passes for each Licence 2018/2019

Foundation Pass 17 as from 8th April 2018

Intermediate Pass 8

Full Pass  4