Norman Pascoe G4USB Silent Key


As many of you know Norman Pascoe G4USB went silent key during February 2016. This page will be a fitting tribute to a man who gave so much of his life to our club and to Amateur Radio in general.

Norman currently held the honour of holding the post of President of the Cornish Radio Amateur Club and has been a serving member of the Committee since 1981, a few months after joining. A year later he became the Secretary and held that post for around 8 years I believe. He then spent a couple of years as Vice chairman which led him to take over as Chairman for quite a while until Ken G0FIC assumed the tiller.


Norman was one of the founder members of International Marconi Day which was started up approximately 29 years ago. This event is still running as strong as ever. Norman had made so many friends around the world and new many of them personally and kept in regular contact on the radio and via email.


He enjoyed attending special events stations which were organized by himself or the club. You could guarantee what ever the event he would always be there and would almost always be heard on the microphone talking to people he new far and wide.


He was indeed a great ambassador for Amateur Radio and will be sadly missed by all who new him.


Below are just a few quotes from messages received.


“It is with great regret that  we  read this sad news about Norman Pascoe has passed the way. I have met eyeball Norman during  the great  centenary of radio in 1995 here in Bologna – Pontecchio Marconi and I remember as it was today I was just sitting behind him at the ceremonial dinner. I was also connected with him via LikedIn social network.

Please pass our condolences to his family.

We  will keep remembering him every time we will be able to operate from IY4FGM,  Marconi Memorial Station at Villa Griffone in Pontecchio Marconi (Bologna), In every following IMD Days”

Best regards from Sergio CARTOCETI, IK4AUY one of the senior  IY4FGM operators team together with Nicola Greco, IZ4FTB,  IY4FGM operators co-ordinator and our ARI Bologna Club president, Publio Lacchini I4KMW (IY4FGM Qsl manager)


“I am so sorry to read of the death of Norman. As Chairman of the Barry Amateur Radio Society B.A.R.S. I would like you to pass mine and the clubs deep condolences to his wife & family. It was a pleasure to have known Norman G4USB and a joy to partake annually from Lavernock Point on International Marconi Day. (GB4MDI) I had the privilege to be with C.R.A.C. at Poldhu in 2001 for the recreation of Marconi`s great leap across the Atlantic. Then to have dinner with Princess Electra Marconi & her son. It was a magical moment in my radio life and one for which I was most thankful to Norman for. I do hope you keep the MDI alive for perpetuity as B.A.R.S. will support it “

 Norman 73 & R.I.P.

 de Glyn GW0ANA Chairman B.A.R.S


“Many thanks for your email in which I was saddened to learn of Norman’s passing. We will, of course, use our various media to help communicate the fact that the International Marconi Day event is proceeding as normal, albeit without Norman at the helm. I would be grateful if you could pass on the Society’s condolences to Norman’s family at this the saddest of times”

 Best Wishes

 Graham Coomber, G0NBI

General Manager

Radio Society of Great Britain


“I very regret the passing away of our good old friend Norman. I had sent him an email on 19 February that we want to take part in this year’s event again. Today I read about this sad news. We will raise a glass on him on the event in April. I am glad that you are going to build up the website again and that you will continue the event”


My team is presently using WK3N/AAW for the Antarctic activity week.  Instead of WK3N/IMD, we now have a permanent special call for Marconi Day.  It was issued today to me and it will be used .  It is K3IMD.  Once again I am greatly sadden by the loss of our mutual friend.  His spirit and memory will live on with each new Marconi Day.
warmest regards,
Scotty WK3N